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President's Letter

(2016-17 Coming Soon)
Dear Parents:

On behalf of the ATS PTA Board, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year! 

The mission of the PTA is to support and enrich every child’s learning experience through engaging activities and special programs.  Active parental involvement and strong school support through the PTA are among the many traditions that make ATS such an exceptional school community.  PTA sponsored programs such as After School Enrichment, Junior Great Books, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Day support the school’s goals of life-long learning.  We partner with teachers by supporting field trips and the Educational Grants Program.  The PTA encourages healthy lifestyles and love of the outdoors through outdoor learning in the ATS Garden, and our visits to the Outdoor Lab.  Through the PTA sponsored Multi-Cultural Assemblies and International Night, we are aligned with the school’s mission of encouraging students to contribute as caring members of our diverse, changing world.  We build community at ATS through Walk and Bike to School Day, and family nights with the Silver Diner Eat Well, Do Well Program.  Through these and many other activities throughout the year, the PTA is “Wild about ATS.” 

To foster our school community, we strongly encourage you to join the ATS PTA.  To promote greater participation, we have decided to keep the PTA membership fee at the reduced rate of $5 per person.  Help us reach our goal of at least one member per family by joining the PTA today.  Please return the PTA Membership forms to school in an envelope marked “PTA Membership Forms.”  

On the back of the PTA Membership Form, we have included a list of ATS PTA volunteer opportunities. Please consider lending your personal talents to help our children and our school by volunteering. Throughout the school year, we will also advertise volunteering opportunities in the Volunteer Corner of our weekly ATS PTA Update. The rewards of volunteering for the ATS PTA are many – including the camaraderie enjoyed from making new friends, the positive feeling of personal achievement, and, most significantly, the joy of giving back to a very special school.

Again, welcome to the 2015-2016 ATS school year! We look forward to your ideas and involvement.  


Maura McKinley Tull

Maura McKinley Tull
President, ATS PTA 2015-2016