Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

May 2-6, 2016
ATS Staff Appreciation Week will be held the first week of May. This is one of the most important weeks during the year when students and parents can express gratitude to staff at ATS. As many of you already know, there is a tradition at ATS for students to bring flowers and cards of appreciation to their teachers. These flowers can be from your garden, or purchased. In each classroom there will be a vase for teachers to receive and create a beautiful bouquet. This week is also a great time to show our appreciation with a flower or a note to our music, gym, art, special education teachers and staff in the front office, just to name a few.

The PTA has planned a full week of activities for the staff. We hope that your participation in the following activities will make this week a memorable one for all ATS teachers and staff. 

More information to follow by PTA email.