This year’s Auction will be March 30, 2019 at the NRECA building in Ballston!

The ATS Auction is a “not to be missed” event – an evening of food, drinks, dancing, and bidding, all while hanging out with our amazing community of Parents and Teachers.  Not only that, it’s the PTA’s largest fundraiser – Last year we brought in over $40,000!

Auction tickets will be on sale soon at!  Come Sail Away with us on May 5 at NRECA in Ballston from 6-10 p.m.!  Your ticket buys you a chance to dress up and go out with your friends, enjoy dinner and an open bar, live music, and an opportunity to win awesome goodies.
Want to donate?
We are accepting Auction Donations!Don’t forget about ATS during this holiday season!  Heading out shopping? Bring our 2019 ATS Donation Packet.  Lining up end-of-year home maintenance visits?  Ask whether your contractor would like to be an Auction sponsor!  Snowed in with the in-laws? Grab an idea from your favorite Pinterest board and create something beautiful to auction off!  The Auction is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year and we would love your participation to make it a success!

Can you volunteer?
Drop Emily and Krista an email if you have time to contribute.  Every little bit helps!

How Else Can you Help?

We love Parent Parties!

Parent Parties are some of the most lucrative items we offer at the spring auction every year, and they are great ways to spend time with your friends!  Please consider hosting a Parent Party at this spring’s auction, taking place on March 30, 2019. Click over to the PTA Homepage to read about how to host one and then contact us!  We can’t wait to connect you with a great group of friends!

Class Projects at the Auction!

The most adorable items available at the auction every year are the Class Projects created by your little wonder and all of his or her friends.  But, there are no class projects without volunteers willing to help your little Picasso make a mark on your heart. Please consider volunteering to coordinate a Class Project.  We need six volunteers—one for each grade. You can learn more about Class Projects in the FAQ below.  Contact us if you are interested!



What is a Parent Party?
Parent Parties are among our most lucrative fundraising items at the Auction every year.  An adult or small group agrees to host an evening (or afternoon or morning!) of friends for lots of fun.  Fellow ATS parents sign up to attend the party and pay a fixed price per participant or per couple. The host foots the bill for the event, and all proceeds from the participants go directly to the PTA.

What counts as a Parent Party?
Anything!  Host a game night, karoke night, wine tasting, barbeque, painting party, a family playdate at the park—you name it!

Is there a minimum number of guests I have to have at my Parent Party?
No.  You have the freedom to decide the number of guests based on your activity and the physical space available to you to have fun.

Do I have to host my Parent Party at any particular time?
No, although we recommend you host it before the end of the school year.  You may also want to choose the date and make it known at the Auction itself so potential bidder/guests can check their calendars.

Can I talk it up to my friends before it is offered at the Auction?

Absolutely!  In fact, feel free to fill up your guest list entirely!  However, if you have no more space available to be offered at the auction, let us know so we can remove it from the bidding tables.

Will the PTA reimburse me for the cost of the Parent Party?
Because this is a fundraiser for the PTA, we ask that the hosts donate the costs (if any) of the Parent Party so all proceeds can go directly to the PTA.


What is the Class Project?
Class Projects are the contribution each grade makes to the silent auction, generally a framed work of art suitable to display in your home.

Can you give examples of Class Projects from previous years?
Previous Class Projects include silhouette pop art photos of each student in the grade, a cherry tree made with pastel pink fingerprints, and a collection of self-portraits by each student in the grade.
How do I come up with an idea for a Class Project?
Pinterest is full of Class Project ideas!

How much time does a Class Project take to make?
That depends on the Class Project.  If you need to take every student individually to a canvas, you will need to spend more time at school than you would if you passed out a wooden craft and markers to the students and they could all color at the same time.  You will need to coordinate with either Ms. Perez or the teachers in your grade to allocate the correct amount of time.

When is the Class Project due?
Please have your Class Project complete, including framing if necessary, no later than March 15.