This year’s Auction will be May 5, 2018 at the NRECA building in Ballston!

The ATS Auction is a “not to be missed” event – an evening of food, drinks, dancing, and bidding, all while hanging out with our amazing community of Parents and Teachers.  Not only that, it’s the PTA’s largest fundraiser – Last year we brought in over $40,000!

Auction tickets are now on sale at!  Come Sail Away with us on May 5 at NRECA in Ballston from 6-10 p.m.!  Your ticket buys you a chance to dress up and go out with your friends, enjoy dinner and an open bar, live music, and an opportunity to win awesome goodies.
Check out the full auction catalog!  Plan your purchases and stalking opportunities in advance.
Want to donate?  Donation materials, such as our donation and tax forms and our Amazon Wish List, can be found under the “Donate” button on  Want to hear more? Contact Emily Glendinning and Krista Maizel at com.
Can you volunteer?  Drop Emily and Krista an email if you have time to contribute.  Every little bit helps!
What can I win?!  
  • Set your summer!  You’ll have an opportunity to bid on a camp session at Camp Ballibay–check out – check out their video at: https://www.
  • Need more camp time for your kids?  Think about Camp Twin Creeks!
  • Bradford Portraits ( donated a family portrait session plus one night hotel stay in New York or Palm Beach!  Minimum bid $300.
  • Headfirst Summer Camps, offering a variety of camp programs for children ages 3-13 in the VA, MD and DC area. Headfirst Summer Camps has been a strong supporter in the Arlington Traditional community, and have been nice enough to donate a week of summer camp to the ATS Auction and circulate a unique 10% discount exclusively to ATS students using the code ATS10.  

    At Headfirst Summer Camps, our mission is to inspire campers’ personal bests. We believe the power of play is one of the most effective ways to bring out each and every personal best. In our eyes, every kid is unique. And every “best” is, too. Summer is a time for exploration. Our experience shows that guided exploration leads to the realization of untapped passion and talent.  

    Let us be clear, we do not create or assign these “bests” – they are already there, within each child. In fact, you’ve probably already seen glimpses of greatness. Our role is to simply help campers unearth it, and nurture it — so we can all watch it blossom into something incredible. And because every kid isn’t the same, our approach isn’t either. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable — meeting them where they are on their journey. Passion cannot be forced out of a child. It must be awakened, and brought out naturally. We won’t quit until we’ve given every child the tools they need to find that magic, that passion, that unique gift that drives them to succeed. 

    Below is a list of camp programs offered, with a brief description of what each one entails. If you have any questions, or would like to get your child enrolled, please contact the Headfirst Team directly at 202-625-1921 

    ·         Junior Day Camp – This camp is perfect for the child who may be leaving their parents for the first time, and some of its highlights include – arts + crafts, music and movement, STEM, instructional swim every day, fun Headfirst traditions and emphasis on school readiness within the curriculum.   

    ·         Day Camp – An elevation from the “Junior Day Camp”, Day Camp at Headfirst offers a variety of activities that include arts + crafts, music and movement, STEM, instructional swim every day and fun Headfirst traditions. 

    ·         Connect.Create.Discover Camp – This camp features the perfect mix of STEM activities, Team Skill Building and Creative Arts. Campers experience a brand-new adventure each week, and during select weeks will be able to enjoy an off-campus field trip!  

    ·         Multi-Sport Camp – Multi-Sport camp is a staple at Headfirst, and allows campers to enjoy SIX different sports throughout the camp week (Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, European Team Hand-ball, Floor Hockey and Diamond Ball). The focus is to teach those intangible character traits such as teamwork, leadership and maintaining a positive attitude.  

    ·         STEM Camp – In our STEM Camp, campers are encouraged to dig beneath the surface by experimenting, tinkering, and just plain doing. And, for those things we know kids really love to do, we have partnered with the best STEM educational providers in the Washington, DC area to bring new offerings to Headfirst. 

    ·         Overnight Camp – Located at Episcopal High School in Alexandria VA, Headfirst Overnight Camp is a great way for our families to enjoy the overnight experience without having to commit to an extensive amount of time hours away from home in a secluded environment. This program allows for campers to expand on new interests and explore different activities that they may not have access to otherwise. Also, they will be enjoying all of this on one of the nicest grounds in the DMV, with incredible food options, cell phone reception and fully functioning AC!  

    ·         There is also a variety of “specialty camps” offered that include (Flag Football and FitzPatrick Hoops 

More to come!