SHOW YOUR VOICE! in this year’s Reflections Contests effort. 

This fall, every student at ATS will have the opportunity to Show Your Voice! by participating in the national Reflections contest.

Students can submit entries in literature, videography, dance, music, photography, or visual arts. While these entries will not be due until mid-October, students are invited to begin to consider how they might reflect on this year’s theme. Entries require an artistic submission (in paper or electronic format) and a short explanation of how the submission interprets the theme. Entry forms and more information on deadlines will be forthcoming over the next few weeks.

If you have questions about this year’s theme or ATS’ Reflections program, contact Sierra Frischknecht at

Parent Coordinators for Annual Reflections Contest (two weeks in mid-October):

Help collect and process Reflections submissions to prepare them for judging. Seeking one volunteer per grade with strong attention to detail. Time commitment is roughly 4-8 hours in mid-October. Contact: Sierra Frischknecht (